Homegrown, Small Batch, Handmade

•Webb City Farmers Market will be open this Wednesday 11-1 so come and pick up fresh fixings for your Thanksgiving holiday meal. We will be there with fresh herbs and a new item this year. Ginger Habanero Jelly. It’s a delicious glaze for roasted meats, especially pork. Or mix with cream cheese for a sweet and spicy spread.

We’re bringing more chili seasoning too. Hot and mild mixes, it also makes a flavorful dry rub for roasted meats.

And, stock up on Ginger Turmeric Tea while we still have it. Our homegrown dried ginger and turmeric root steeps into a warming, spicy, earthy and aromatic tea. We find it especially delicious with fresh lemon and honey. Ginger is a great source of Vitamin C and magnesium and has been consumed for centuries to help with stomach cramps, motion sickness, nausea, and respiratory problems, and is often used to relieve stress thanks to its strong, relaxing aroma. Earthy turmeric is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. The scent of this warming tea will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.


Happy Thanksgiving!



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